About Mary

Mary has an honours degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy from Cork Institute of Technology and is a fully accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist with the Irish Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (IACP). In her Counselling & Psychotherapy practices in West Cork and Cork city, she provides a confidential, caring, non-judgemental and respectful environment for her clients.

While acknowledging each person’s individuality and that we are all different, Mary also recognises the universal nature of us human beings. Many similar things bring joy into all of our lives – such as family and friends, feeling loved, feeling connected and belonging. Similarly, sadness, fear and anger touch all of us from time to time, and sometimes we need help and support from a trained professional, such as a Counsellor-Psychotherapist to enable us to cope with times of significant distress.

Building a good therapeutic relationship with her clients is a hallmark of her Counselling & Psychotherapy practice in West Cork and Cork city. Mary works with men, women and young people. Her approach to therapy is person-centered and holistic, respecting the whole of the person. She invites you to focus on what comes to you through each of the five senses; thereby using the body as a resource to help you heal. She readily empathises with clients experiencing challenging personal difficulties in life. Beginning with the recognition of what’s good and what’s working in their lives, she assists her clients to address their difficulties.

Underpinning Mary’s work with clients is an invitation to notice your present experience with acceptance, and without judgement: simply noticing what is! She helps promote self-compassion and self-acceptance, which in turn lead to greater ease within oneself and contentment with life. Mary’s underlying message to clients is:

“You have what you need, and together we will find it.”

Mary brings a wide range of experience to her practice. She has reared three children into adulthood, and has experienced a broad range of cultures, values and beliefs while living abroad for eight years. Her working career has included full-time second-level teaching, and twelve years of self-employment in her company business, before coming to Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Mary’s Counselling & Psychotherapy practice in Clonakilty is open all day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and on Friday afternoon. She accommodates clients who can only attend outside a regular working day, by taking appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings also. In addition, she works as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Cork on Thursdays.

Mediation takes place in a neutral venue within Cork County, convenient to both parties. This is arranged on a case by case basis.